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Second article published for Rough Guides.

For those who don't know yet I am currently based in Madrid (Spain). This summer I've been working and enjoying holiday out of the boiling Spanish capital. Having a safe travel and supporting local activities and business was my main idea after the corona outbreak we're suffering this year. I join a hiking group and went all the way to Ordesa and Monte Perdido in the Aragonese Pyrenees, where my family is originally from. Being out and about in the great outdoors was the perfect way to escape city life post-lockdown, much needed escape!

In the article I explained my trip with all the details so you can follow in my footsteps if you decide to explore this magical part of the world.

Special thanks to Tierra de Fuego Viajes and Miradores de Ordesa for the guided help and inspiration. Edelvise and Wild Iris pics taken by Maria José Sanchez Hernandez.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Safe travel, keep it local :)

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