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Design a Stunning Website

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Recently, I've been self-taughthing UX design. As a creative photo editor and graphic designer, going towards the UI/UX path was something natural to happen.

Due to the sudden break of my consistent work as a freelance working mainly in travel publishing, I decided to update my digital skills. I wanted to create attractive and functional apps and web pages. Thanks to the UX Design course I am doing with Antony Conboy I am learning new exciting concepts, and so far really enjoying it!

I find UX Design hugely entertaining, I like to play with Adobe Xd, Figma and InVision. At the moment I am more comfortable using Adobe Xd. Last few weeks I've been working on a web page for luxurious organic products for your body, hair and skin. The brand I've created is called YASASHI - concept design of a brand that cares about you and the environment.

Here's an example of the homepage:

Category page:

Product page:

Seelk, simple and clear design

At all times I had in mind a clear and minimal designed as an idea behind YASASHI.

YASASHI means kindness, soft in Japanes. I wanted to design a page that inspires calmness, delicate and gentle feeling link to natural fragrances. Our key persona is somebody that cares and talks about organics and purchases organic products often, likes to buy high quality products, good for their bodies and the environment. Spending their money on these products will bring them happiness.


White, grey and pastel colours are predominant. Combining with black and white rounded buttons.

Caring about the look and feel of the images is key when I am designing something.

Fonts used

Logo, title and text typography:

  • The logo designed using Big Caslon

  • Helvetica Neue Medium and Helvetica Regular used for the subtitle and body text.

I will published a new post with updates soon as the website isn't finished. Please, share your thoughts with me, I'd be great to read your comments!

Thanks for reading!


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